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We are excited to offer our materials to you. These materials have been developed over 35 years of ministry. These books offer practical help for everyday situations. The help is all Biblically-based. Our philosophy: "If we have a Bible verse to back up the answer to a question, then we have an answer - otherwise, we have an opinion ."

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A number of our most popular books, CDs and DVDs are available for purchase here on our site including our newest series on HOPE.

All We Like Sheep is a book based on 12 years of research collecting information about sheep. The title comes from Isaiah 53:6. If we are compared to sheep, we should understand their nature. Mary Glynn gathered information from people who raise sheep. As she studied, she began to see how so many characteristics of sheep are similar to people. She was trying to understand her husband and three kids but she ended up understanding herself.


The book on Depression was developed from 22 years of interviews Dr. Peeples had with clients coming in for help. It is Biblically based and offers a cure. As the incidents of depression grow, this approach has become more and more acceptable.


The Parenting book contains principles for parents to use as a guideline in making decisions for their children. Children do not come with a handbook but the Bible provides adequate information.


Living Above Your Circumstances booklet is a condensation of the 12 steps from our most popular seminar.


Sam and Mary Glynn married in 1955. They became Christians in 1964. Sam practiced dentistry for 16 years. With their three children, the Peeples spent three years as missionaries in the Phillipines and two years giving leadership to the Christian Embassy in Washington, DC. They have traveled nationally and intenationally conducting seminars on Living Above Your Circumstances, Successful Stress Management, Marriage Enrichment, and Parenting Without Stress. They continue to do Biblical counseling and weekly Bible studies. They have three children: Sam, Dawn & Mark; and five grand children: Sam, Mark, Gil, Lauren, and Anna Cate.


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